Breaking barriers with Prism Arts at our silly life drawing session

This week we went to Prism Arts for one of our silly life drawing sessions, and we had a blast.

Silly life drawing is something we made up, it’s basically a different way to look at life drawing.

Most people think life drawing has to be this stuffy, stoic thing where we’re only allowed to paint a nude stranger.

It’s a really important thing to learn and life drawing is a crucial step for people who draw or paint their art, but it doesn’t have to be typical.

Our silly life drawing sessions promote gender expression, experimenting with clothing, and are designed to give people a safe space to explore their identity and celebrate each other’s.

We didn’t think the PiNC crew would want anything less than to break out the old costume box and do some dressing up with all the wigs, glasses, alien costumes, hats, ball gowns, and everything else we’ve got.

It was also an opportunity for young people to try new things outside of art, perhaps putting on a dress for the first time, or a bowtie, and they could do it in a space where everyone else is doing the same thing.

This was the first time we’ve done it with another group, and it was great for us all to work on each other’s energy and creativity.

It’s important to not have any barriers in art, it doesn’t have to be serious all the time, and it doesn’t have to look normal.

You can deconstruct art and change it up to make it suit you, and that was what the whole session was about.

Arts without barriers is Prism Arts’ ethos – it aims to deliver programmes for learning disabled and/or autistic creatives to drive their own journey and develop as artists, leaders and advocates for change.

For more information about Prism Arts, go to their website at

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