Canvas chaos at University of Cumbria’s Brampton Road campus

We recently took a wild ride to the university in Carlisle, diving headfirst into the vibrant world of student art.

With our friend, Cara, we held a meeting that was practically a rebellion against the mundane.

Cara was hell-bent on injecting life into the university scene, unleashing social activities and connecting the student tribe.

In the meantime, they’re in the process of conjuring up an LGBT network.

Cara handed us a piece of the campus, and we claimed it like rockstars taking over a stage.

Imagine a collaborative drawing session at PiNC, but on steroids.

There were refreshments flowing, and Cara summoned pizza.

We rolled out massive sheets of paper, unleashed a torrent of art supplies, and birthed a mixed media masterpiece.

We let loose a horde of aspiring artists. Some were in it from the first stroke, while others hung back, lurking in the shadows.

But by the end, everyone had joined in, creating a vibe so electric it could power a city.

Teaming up with SoMo, an art duo, we orchestrated an event that was nothing short of an artistic riot.

Pizza in hand, they declared: “As students during the COVID-19 chaos, we missed out on a proper Student Union and dedicated student space. This was a dream come true!”

“We look forward to seeing similar faces at the next one!”

Pride in North Cumbria - Headquarters

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