Curating Our First Exhibition

After a long summer of creating lots of art, it’s finally time to share it with the world, and this week we began the process of curating our exhibition.

We run these sessions as a democracy, so every decision was voted upon by the group. The name was tricky at first, but we finally came to a decision: SHOW YOUR TRUE COLOURS.

SHOW YOUR TRUE COLOURS is about how every day it is a battle for queer people to live in a heteronormative world and be themselves. It’s safe spaces like this project that help young queer people come together and show each other support that enables us to go out into the world and be ourselves, and sometimes that’s really hard. Lately the world is becoming more and more hostile towards our community, especially our Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Non-Conforming siblings. It seems our right to exist is being challenged constantly in the media, and even politicians are getting involved now: we have been dragged in to the ‘Culture War’. This exhibition will examine how people joining in on this discourse and weighing in on our rights simply for views, clicks or votes, are really showing their true colours.

The group curating our spray paint works from the Beardy Synergy Workshop. Read about that here.

During our curation session yesterday we looked through all of the work we made in the past four months (there was a LOT!) and decided what’s going to make it into our exhibition. There was some passionate defences of loved artwork, some minor arguments about layouts and a lot of tough decisions to make, but we got there.

The curation session ended up being very interesting and rewarding for us. We were most surprised that the most passionate arguments for an artwork staying in the exhibition were made by the people who didn’t even make the work themselves, they just loved the piece and wanted it to be in the show. We’re a team here at PiNC Arts, and we’ve conducted this project as a democracy since the start; this has resulted in the group having shared ownership over the works, seeing as we made them as a team in the first place.

SHOW YOUR TRUE COLOURS will run from 21st August to 3rd September, at the Lanes Pop Up Shop in Carlisle.

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