Drawing in the Lakes

As we wrote in our previous post, Silly Life Drawing, at PiNC Arts we’ve been looking for ways to make drawing more fun and less ‘stuffy’. One of the ways we did that this summer was by getting out into the Lakes, which we’re lucky to have just on our doorstep.

One sunny summer’s day in the school holidays we piled in to the Community Mini-Bus and set off for Buttermere. It was a bumpy country drive, but thanks to Pam we got there in one piece. After a lovely lunch next to the river we began our walk around Buttermere, stopping to say hi to the sheep on the way (the didn’t want to say hi back unfortunately).

Max, Katie & Dakota in Buttermere

To capture the scenery on our trip we brought with us some blank A5 postcards and some coloured pastels, and stopped at various places around the lake to capture the view. Sounds lovely and peaceful doesn’t it? Well, to add some peril to the trip we added a time constraint to our drawing time, that lessened the further around the lake we got. This was stressful, as the scenery there is so beautiful you find yourself wanting to capture it all, wanting to be a landscape painter capturing the scenery perfectly. The drawing challenge made sure that we could only capture the shape of the view, not the details, which allowed us to make some really interesting drawings.

Overall it was a great trip to get out out of our comfort zones with our artwork. The time constraints made sure we couldn’t be too precious about the drawings, and what came out of it was some really interesting and colourful pieces that really summed up our day out together.

Pride in North Cumbria - Headquarters

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