Drawing Outside is the Best

Recently the group have taken to making splatter paintings in the studio. The artwork was amazing but we did have to move this outside as we’ve splattered quite a lot of the studio walls – it does look quite cool actually, but alas we had to move.

We’ve been drawing in the sunshine quite a lot this summer, it’s allowing us to make a huge mess and not worry about it. We recently found an old photography backdrop in the centre (honestly it’s amazing what you can find at PiNC) and used it to make some collaborative drawings, which came out really well. Below is a collection of photos taken from these pieces, I just love the bright colours and abstract shapes made.

Collaborative drawing is a good opportunity to get out of your comfort zone with your artwork, as you have to get used to not having full control over the artwork all the time. It’s good to go with the flow and remember that other people’s artwork might bleed into yours, and to not feel too precious about it. It also releases some pressure about it, as you’re not fully responsible for the piece being ‘good’ at the end, it’s just the result of some time spent together.

Pride in North Cumbria - Headquarters

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