Getting our young creatives zine ready

We’re super excited to be at Carlisle Zine Fest tomorrow to show the amazing work of ou talented young creatives.

We’ve been supporting young peple to make and sell art, the latter being a duanting process for many newbies.

Zines are basically short but snappy magazines about one topic, and they usually are hand made, and full of art, so we thought it was the perfect medium to explore the world of selling art, and view the process from creation to commerce.

A lot fo young people were intimidated by that, but it’s a big part of surviving as an artist, so we put a call out on Instagram asking for our fellow artists to help and pass on their guidance.

They told us that they wished they had the opportunity to learn from established artists when they were setting up, so it’s good to know we are making a difference!

See you at Carlisle Zine Fest on Saturday at the StART Studio, West Tower Street 🙂

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