Revolutionising rubbish: DIY robot sculptures take centre stage in wild two-day workshop!

We unleashed our inner mad scientists and dove headfirst into the wild world of crafting kickass robot sculptures!

Flashbacks of Scrapheap Challenge vibes hit us hard, thanks to our roboticist-in-residence, Ruben.

This centre regular brought the rad idea of sculpting these mini metal warriors from scrap.

Ruben’s been on the prowl for discarded treasures, hot-gluing bits of scrap and junk into these quirky robot masterpieces.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist the siren call of DIY chaos!

We went on a scavenger hunt for all sorts of odds and ends, grabbed materials of every flavor, and threw ourselves into the fray.

Ruben, on the path to freelance illustration fame, let loose their creative tornado, and boy, did it leave a mark!

We hosted a wicked workshop that spanned two glorious days, rallying around 20 folks to turn old junk into edgy, artsy treasures.

It was a wild ride of creativity, transforming trash into rebellious masterpieces that screamed fun and creativity, and exactly the spirit of PiNC Arts!

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