Set design pro Mike Borgia sparks sculpting extravaganza

Words by Seph

We were made up with our luck after a special guest arrived to guide our sculpting journey.

Mike Borgia is a professional set designer, and is the father of one of our young people who visits the centre.

He came in as we were starting to think about our next exhibition, and we knew for sure it was going to involve sculptures.

That’s why we asked Mike for his expertise in crafting the perfect sculpture, show us various stage setting techniques, and how we can think outside the box.

He asked us loads of questions about how we wanted out sculptures to look, and brought in a load of random stuff from his garage to get arty with.

Before we knew it, the centre was nearly chock-full of all sorts of useable stuff – pipes, wires, see-through stuff, you name it!

We all built a model and Mike then went round them all with a lamp, showing us how different light placement can make a huge change on how a sculpture is perceived.

This full day workshop was made all the better with chip butties for dinner!

Thanks Mike for all of your help!

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