Join us next Monday for the launch of our first art exhibition, SHOW YOUR TRUE COLOURS.

The exhibition will run for two weeks, and will feature art made over the past four months in a rage of mediums from photography, art, printmaking, spray painting and mixed media. We’ve been working so hard to make a great collection of work to show at this exhibition, and we can’t wait to show it to the world.

A massive thank you and WELL DONE to everyone who contributed to this show!

This exhibition is to celebrate the hard work of all of our artists. Over the past four months we have met three times a week to make art together, formed new friendships, experimented with new materials, welcomed workshop leaders in to teach us new skills, visited artists studios and even started filming for a documentary. Here is a selection of work that we curated as a group that we feel best represents us and what we have achieved.

In an increasingly hostile environment for LGBTQIA+ people, it is more important than ever that there are safe spaces for us to get together and feel supported. As queer people our rights are often up for debate, and how we identify has become a political talking point. More often than not we are not invited to these conversations to tell our stories ourselves. This project and this exhibition is more than us making and showing our artwork, it is a chance for us to express ourselves, feel seen and heard and form strong communities to support one another. This exhibition is about us pulling a seat up to the table and telling our stories in our own words, and, ultimately, showing our true colours.

Cj & Mac finished setting up the exhibition

Lots of love, PiNC Arts xxxxxxx

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