Spray Painting with Beardy Synergy

In our last post we talked about how much fun we were having making art outside. Well, this week we did even better by having a spray painting workshop with Beardy Synergy!

Adam (of Beardy Synergy) leading by example

Beardy Synergy are a local street art duo who’s work you may have seen around Cumbria (and beyond!) they’ll tackle any wall, from three story buildings to bar murals, to corporate jobs in businesses and more. Beardy Synergy are made up of Ian Alcock and Adam Philipps, who came to PiNC on one sunny afternoon to teach us how to make colourful spray painted artwork without making too much of a mess or accidentally spraying each other in the eye (thankfully no eyes were sprayed during the workshop).

Art made by (clockwise): Adam, Cj, Eli & Emily

We decided to make protest signs for this workshop, and concentrate on making abstract colourful backgrounds to catch people’s attention. Ian and Adam made sure to stock us up with loads of rainbow colours to make a pride themed collection, which we appreciated. They taught us how to create gradients and make straight lines with masking tape, which we enjoyed.

Katie and her impactful protest sign

There’s been a lot of hate going on towards our community at the moment, so it felt nice to channel some frustrations and get our feelings out in these signs together. It was also great for the group to meet two established local artists who have made a good career out of their work. It was very inspiring.

Cj & Stuart working on a collaborative piece

The spray painting was a huge hit, the pieces look excellent together and we’re excited to work with spray paint more! Thanks to Beardy Synergy for an excellent workshop!

You can find them on Instagram @beardysynergy to see their mural work.

Pride in North Cumbria - Headquarters

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